We would like to set up a special library for children in the synagogue. The library will include up-to-date Torah literature (including Torah comics and children’s books on the love of the land of Israel) that is suitable for children of all ages. Children can sit in the library and browse the books whenever they are in shul. In order to create a library that will contain a sufficiently wide variety of books, we have set a donation target of 4,000 shekels. The more that is contributed, the larger the library can be. We will be happy to receive any donation from anyone, each as much as he or she is able (even the cost of a book will be accepted happily).

You can send donations directly to Nir (0548882150) or Daniel (0528023810) or you can donate via credit card by following the Pay Box link below.

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Daniel Light and Nir Koyfman