Welcome to Kehillat Mevaser Zion.
To ensure the safety of all, especially all our children, and to provide a respectful shul environment, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:
Entering the Sanctuary:
When entering the sanctuary during Tefillah times, please enter quietly and respect the decorum.
People (adults and children) are asked not to enter the sanctuary during the Dvar Torah.
Children’s Service:
During the time of the Children’s Service (09:45 – 10:30), all children up to and including Kita Vav are asked to either participate in the relevant Children’s Service for their age group, or be with their parents.
Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are not wandering around during the Children’s Service.
Supervision of Your Children:
Children under the age of 10 are asked to come to shul with an adult.
Children under the age of 4 are requested not to wander around unsupervised in the shul or the surrounding areas.
During Tefillah (when there is no Children’s Service), an area downstairs (the Sukkah space) will be designated as a play area, to be supervised by parents on a roster.
Please encourage your children to take advantage of their time in shul to daven, learn Torah and do mitzvot, while being considerate of others.
Respectful of Shul Property and Maintenance
All congregants, both children and adults, are asked to be respectful of all Shul property and to maintain a clean facility.
Parents are asked to supervise their children and to make sure their activities do not cause any damage to shul property (e.g. swinging on doors, defacing of walls etc.).
It is not allowed to slide down inside and outside railings/banisters, or jump from any wall heights, or to engage in any other dangerous activity that may lead to injury.
Parents are responsible for their own children’s safety at all times.
Children under the age of bar/bat mitzvah, whose parents allow them to come to Shul by korkinet are asked to leave the korkinets under the outside steps going down to the basement.
Children should NOT ride on korkinets or any similar items on the shul premises, and especially down the ramp.
No unauthorized access is allowed into the kitchen (whether locked or not).

Please wait to eat and drink until after kiddush is made.
Parents are expected to supervise their children during the Kiddush to make sure they behave in a responsible and orderly manner.