parashaהשיעור באנגלית בימי רביעי, על ידי הרב ברוך
Rav Baruch’s Parshat hashavua shiur  Every Wednesday night  8pm – 8.55pm  Haanafa 49   For Men and Women

ALL Shiurim will be given in ENGLISH  Starting Wednesday 6th September:   Ki Tetza – Zachor,  the Jewish approach to history

A light supper will be served. ALL WELCOME

For more info call :   054 632 3137 or email

6th September  Ki Tetze – Zachor, the Jewish approach to history

13th September Nitzavim/Vayelech Blessings,curses and everything in-between

20th Sept – No Shiur Erev RH

27th September Aseret Yemei Teshuva Shabbat & Yom Kippur – Opposing or complementarian

4th Oct No Shiur – Sukkot

11th Oct No Shiur – Sh-atzert

18th October – Noach – The restless Sun and Moon

25th October – Lech lecha – Ishmael and us!

1st November – Vayera – Guests Welcoming and unwelcoming

8th November – Chayei Sarah – Was Yitzchak absent from his mothers Levaya??

15th November – Toldot – On deception

22nd November – Vayetze – Rachel, Leah and Yaakovs choice!