Rosh Chodesh Experience for Women

Rosh Chodesh Experience for Women – 20:15 Monday June 19th at HaMatayim 30 – home of Melisa Ben Chorin RSVP by Thursday by clicking on this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1J7Po7X8JHkE45vKvPTMA8lW88vzluM8-0n4VOs1e0ss/viewform?edit_requested=true Melisa 054-3567000 Lynne 054-3388124



On 26th May (1st Sivan) there will be a cross Kinneret swim for women. The purpose of the swim is to raise donations for people with special needs living and working in Sadnat Shiluv in Gvaot....


Lag Baomer

This year’s Lag Baomer bonfire BBQ bash will take place on the evening of Sunday 14 May at the end of Rehov HaDror. Look for the area marked “Mevazer Zion”. The event starts at 18.00. Please...