Kimche Depischa


The Va’ad Chesed is collecting donations for kimche depischa to provide food vouchers to help needy Tel Mond families and elderly celebrate Pesach.  We are collecting until Friday, March 23rd (7th of Nissan). More details in the description below.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

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This campaign is in coordination with the Revacha office, and other amutot (such as Latet, and Yishri Lev that provide food packages).

In the event that there is a surplus amount collected for this project, the funds will be distributed to other shul and chesed projects.

Save the date: Vaad Chesed Breakfast Meeting, Friday, April 13th, (28th of Nissan), from 9:00-10:00 am, in the shul hall. All are invited, to share new ideas and get involved

Chag Kasher V’Samaech,

The Va’ad Chesed