Shul Seating

As announced in shul last week, we have now put name labels on the men’s seats in shul for those members who have paid the foundation membership and are fully up to date with annual membership. The seats have been allocated as far as is possible, based on the seats where members have been sitting for the last six years since the shul was built. We have left spaces in between for family members and guests and for future allocation to new members.

As agreed by the vaad, allocated seats can be claimed on Shabbat and chagim, until Barchu in the evening and until 9:00 in the morning.

When there is a Barmitzva, the family and guests will be invited to sit in the front rows of any of the six blocks of seats. These will be chosen in rotation, and those members whose seats are being used will be asked to sit in vacant seats in the rest of the Shul.

During the Yamim Hanoraim the seating will be re-allocated for both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and therefore it may be necessary to reassign seats just for those days.

If members know that they will be away for the forthcoming Shabbat, then they are asked to notify the Gabaim in advance so that their seats can be given to guests.

Members are asked to respect the seating plan and also show consideration and courtesy to guests to ensure that all visitors to our community feel welcome in our Shul.