Mevaser Zion Shiurim - List of Podcasts

All shiurim presented at Beit Knesset Mevaser Zion of Tel Mond are available as podcasts.

For those unfamiliar with podcasts, they are a way to subscribe to a series of audio recordings and have your device automatically download new recordings when they're ready. This way, you'll always have the latest shiur waiting for you when you have time to listen.

A good podcast app gives you total control over when to download, how much to download, and how much device storage to use for recordings.

There are many great podcast apps. For Android we recommend Podcast Replublic, for iOS there is a default, built-in podcast app, or try Overcast.

Once you install the app:

From the list of available shiurim, choose one of interest to you and click the link for recordings.

At the top right of the page there is a red and white button. Press and hold it to copy the link to that shiur's podcast.

Open your podcast app, find a plus sign or other option to add a new podcast, and then paste in the link which you've copied.

No username or password are required for access to Mevaser Zion podcasts.

If you need any help, send email to