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We are thrilled that you have moved to Tel Mond and are excited that you have chosen to be a part of the Mevaser Zion community.

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Community Sukkot Decoration

September 27, 2020|

Sadly we won't have the pleasure this year of having a community sukkah decorated by members of our community, or our annual sukkah hop, which is always a great way to mix and mingle with [...]

Shabbat Parshat Ha’azinu 5781

September 11, 2020|

שבת שלום - פרשת האזינו, שבת שובה - ח' תשרי תשפ"א Shabbat Shalom - Parshat Ha'azinu, Shabbat Shuva - 26th September 2020 Rav Baruch - Shabbat Shuva Shiur Download PDF Rav [...]

The Brandeis Family – New Members

September 8, 2020|

David and Miry Brandeis just moved to Tel Mond from Givat Shmuel with their three year old daughter Libby and one and a half year old son Oz. David is ‘Swiss made’ (Zurich)  hence always [...]

The Spiewak Family – New Members

September 8, 2020|

We are delighted to welcome the Spiewak family as new members of Kehilat Mevaser Zion! Yael and Gabi Spiewak just moved to Tel Mond from New Jersey. They have five children: Esther Chaya & Ezra [...]

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Tel Mond in the News

September 3, 2020|

Watch as members of our Kehila are interviewed by Eden Har'el, from channel 20. The segment is titled "Returning Home, how to chose a community in Israel". The interview includes both, olim chadashim and [...]


Tel Mond, positioned within the orchards and strawberry fields of the Sharon region, is a dynamic blend of Orthodox, traditional and secular Jews living in harmony as they raise their families in a warm, intimate community.

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