Making Aliyah is exciting.  Choosing to return to our Jewish homeland, for many, is the fulfillment of a life long dream.  Even though every family has their individual reasons for making the transition, no matter where we come from, we share the same common ground.

Tel Mond Israel's modern orthodox communityWe are Jewish; we thrive within communities, our houses are open and we all cherish the memories both old and new, as we celebrate our many festivals throughout the calendar year.

Yet many new Olim leave their families and friends behind, they arrive with minimal command of the Hebrew language and fear the inevitable outcomes of the cultural divide, as east meets west.

The most challenging task of course, for everyone, is to find a home.  Not just bricks and mortar but a place where we can feel part of something bigger, a home within a community.  We all have something to give; we just need to find the right place.

Tel Mond

Positioned within the orchards and strawberry fields of the Sharon region, is a dynamic blend of Orthodox, traditional and secular Jews living in harmony as they raise their families in a warm, intimate community.

With three elementary schools, a variety of Ganim, including one for children with special needs, and active youth movements Bnei Akiva and Tzorfim; families moving to Tel mond can expect a warm, soft landing in Israel.

Kehilat Mevaser Zion, Tel Mond’s Modern Orthodox community, respects and welcomes families from all walks of life.  The community is lead by Rabbi Baruch Weintraub; a young, charismatic and inspiring leader who provides daily shiurim and programs for all ages, both in Hebrew and English.

Tel Mond, described as a small, growing yeshuv in the heart of Israel is standing tall amongst competing larger towns and cities by offering a quiet suburban lifestyle that simultaneously, is blooming with life, showing that Israeli and Anglo communities can truly blend together for a true native Israel Anglo experience.

Come and see for yourself.

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