Dear Chavrei Mevaser Zion
During these challenging times, we have set up a Mevaser Micro lending Mechanism (MMM) whereby our members who have been retrenched, put on chalat or have taken a cut in salary or in their own business earnings, can access small interest free loans of up to 2,000 NIS quickly.
The loans can be repaid in 12 payments.
For audit purposes and to ensure we comply with all the requirements of the Rasham Haamutot, there will be a very basic form to complete proving that you meet one of the above criteria.
Please contact Rav Baruch 055-6664674 or Pnina Weintraub 052-3115081 by WhatsApp.  Everything will be conducted with the utmost discretion.
Vaad Mevaser Zion and Rav Baruch and Pnina Weintraub