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Mishenichnas Adar Marbin Besimcha

According to the amount of activity and the people involved, it seems that Purim is a seven-day holiday!

Thanks to Elisa Bash, Judith Light and Tzvia Kor, who organized the Matanot LaEvyonim and packages for the needy.
As in previous years the project was done together with our Bar and Bat Mitzvah children.
A huge thank you to all those who participated in the preparation and distribution of the packages.
Also to everyone who contributed to this important project.
It is worth mentioning that over 18,000 NIS was raised:
56 families received packages and more than 20 families received financial assistance. All on the day.

Thank you very much to the Purim committee that organized a wonderful party. According to the responses, everyone was excited and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done!!
To Nir Koyfman, the Ringmaster, and all the members of the committee: Liora Shefer, Sarah and Yehoshua Maltzman (thanks also for arranging the children’s activities in the shul) Melissa Ben Horin, Yifat Koyfman, Sarah Cohen and Shani Kandel.
And of course to everyone who brought food and other accessories.
The idea of combining adults with children proved itself.
A great party, social, unifying and on a high standard – suitable for our active community.

I would also like to thank all the youth who responded to our call for help to bring chairs on Taanit Esther and this morning to return them.
Michael Goodman and Gabi Frydman( the youngsters) Ben Frydman, Maor Badash, Shay and Yair Brand, Ashi Hoppenstein, Noam Weinstein, Gabi and Yoni Platzky, Matan Silbermintz, Yahav Yuval, Oshri Azran, Lior Engel, Avi Pinto, Avinoam and Eden Lev and Amit Alster. Thank you.

This year there were five community readings.
Thank you to the Babaim, David Lavenda and Howard Abrams for organizing it all. To the Baalei kria : Gidon Alster, Moshe and Noam Weinstein, Shimon Brand, and Rav Chaim Eckstein.

Thank you to Daphna Goldberg, who once again organized this year’s reading for women. Thanks to all the readers: Dafna, Janet Goodvach , Liora Malul, Deborah Richards, Shani Kandel, Elisa Bash, Effie Mansdorf, Lisa and Ilana Sambol and Yonat Goldberg.

To Rav Baruch for all the shiurim, halachot briefs and preparation for the day. The excellent series on characters in the Megilla definitely upgraded the Megillah reading experience.

And last but not least, thanks to Moshe Sambol for once again organizing the Mishloach Manot lottery.

Thank you all so much, Purim Same’ach, Darren Platzky

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