We would welcome donations to the Shul Library – for example, to commemorate an event or in memory of a beloved.

Many thanks to a friend of Eydie Altman’s mother Debbie Bahar z”l, who has donated the complete set of Makor Chaim by Rabbi Chaim David Halevy in her memory

We are happy that members of the community continue to use the shul library. However we would like to keep track of all books that are taken out of the library.

Regarding the English Schottenstein gemara set – The second volume of Masechet Berachot, the first volume of Masechet Sukka and Masechet Taanit have been missing from the library shelf for some time. If you or any of your children have any of these missing volumes, please ensure they are returned or please email Daniel Light at daniellight100@gmail.com to update him on their whereabouts.  Library