Mevaser Zion Va’ad Chesed

chesedThe Va’ad Chesed coordinates communal chesed activities for both Kehillah Mevaser Zion members and for the general Tel Mond community. We provide support (i.e. meals, carpooling) for Kehillah families after a birth, illness, or during a shiva. In addition, when a new family joins our Kehillah, we coordinate hospitality for them for the first few Shabbatot.

To help the greater Tel Mond community in need, our goal is to respond to social welfare needs in Tel Mond that have been identified by the local social welfare office. We often coordinate with other local volunteer organizations. We provide food vouchers to families and the elderly before the chagim, prepare Shabbat meals for home bound elderly, provide challot and grape juice to families for Shabbat, and deliver mishloach manot to home bound elderly on Purim.

For information on chessed programs and to get involved call

Elisa Bash 052 647 7659