Dear Community

I will shortly be starting the process of dividing up our community between the various vaadot chagim.  This year I will be doing it slightly differently to previous years.  I would like to invite people in the next two weeks to volunteer to LEAD a vaad.  Once I have people to lead each vaad, I will then randomly allocate community members to be involved in the various vaadot, so that people get a chance to meet and work with new community members, as well as brining fresh ideas to each vaad.  For the shabbat project, I need four families to commit to helping organize the various activities.

For those new community members, or members who haven’t helped out previously, we urge you to please accept responsibility for helping with the one vaad you are allocated. It means helping with only one shul event a year, which helps build a wonderful sense of community for all involved throughout the entire year.  If closer to the date, you realise you are unable to help or away, please take responsibility for finding another family to swap or help in your place.

The Vaadot are:

  1.      Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur
  2.      Sukkot
  3.      Simchat torah
  4.      The Shabbat Project (Probably the weekend of 14 /15 November)

4.1 Challa bake adults

4.2 Challa bake kids

4.3 Shabbat meal

5.        Chanuka
6.       Tu Bishvat
7.       Purim
8.       Yom Haatzmaut / Yom Yerushalayim
9.       Lag Baomer
10.     Shavuot

Kind regards, Janet

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