The Mevaser Zion community has adapted immediately to the new reality following the new Ministry of Health guidelines!

This morning several minyanim of 10 people for Shacharit were held separately throughout the building at 6:25 and at 8:00.

The Sunday morning breakfast shiur was held as usual with HaRav Baruch discussing the topical subject of “Halachic responses in time of plague”. Nearly 30 people participated using the “Zoom” video conferencing application, including some who live outside of Tel Mond or even completing their morning run. We were able to enjoy breakfast in the comfort of our own homes with our families while listening to the shiur.

Baruch Hashem, Mevaser Zion is leading the way in virtual shiurim during this challenging time, and you are all invited to join in all of our regular shiurim during the week.  Spread the word and tell your friends !

Instructions for using Zoom

We will continue learning our Shiurim based on the Zoom video conferencing service. You will be able join the Shiur from laptop or mobile device.

Please download the application and sign-up for an account if you don’t have one. It is free.

For each Shiur we will set up a WhatsApp group and will share the link for the shiur.

When you join the meeting you can decide if you want to show or hide your video, but you should mute your microphone or use headphones to avoid feedback – you can always unmute if you want to say something.

If you have any questions regarding using Zoom, please call Noam Eshkoli.