We are thrilled that you have moved to Tel Mond and are excited that you have chosen to be a part of the Mevaser Zion community. Below is some useful information and directories to help you have a smooth transition into your new home and community!

Our Shul and Rabbi

  • The Mevaser Zion Shul is located at 23 HaTzufit Street.
  • Our Shul website is www.mevaser.org.il.
  • The shul’s Facebook page is “Tel Mond Mevaser Zion Community
  • There you can find information on times of tefillot, shiurim, events and more.
  • Our Community Rabbi is the wonderful Harav Baruch Weintraub. He lives in Tel Mond together with his wife Pnina and their children.
  • Harav Baruch can be contacted for any religious or general questions or discussions at rabbi@mevaser.org.il or on whatsapp 055-666-4674.
  • Shul announcements are made every Shabbat after Maariv and Mussaf

Membership and fees

We do not receive any government or municipal funding. The shul was entirely built and is maintained by its members-YOU.

Our membership fees are made up of a foundation membership and an annual membership.

The foundation membership, which contributes to the building maintenance costs and ongoing building activities, is set at a minimum of 15000 NIS

The annual membership fee for a family is fixed annually by the Vaad and includes High Holiday seats for your immediate family members. (Reduced fees for non-foundation members)

All Fees can be split up into payment plans and can be paid by “Horaat Keva”,bank transfer, check or credit card/paypal.

Should you wish to discuss payment options please contact the treasurer who will deal with your request with the utmost discretion. The treasurer can be contacted at: gizbar@mevaser.org.il

Please be sure to fill out our membership form on line, which includes necessary information to ensure smooth management of the shul, such as full hebrew names, Yohrtzeit dates, Torah Reading, Cohen/Levi/Israel status and more.

Should you have a request for an Aliya to the Torah or any other request in shul, the Gabbai can be contacted at gabbai@mevaser.org.il


We run a very rich and varied learning program under the auspices of Rav Baruch for teens, men, women and mixed crowds of all levels. There are daily and weekly shiurim in Hebrew and English. The shiurim are on a range of topics, including:  Parshat shavua, Nach, Halacha, Gemara Iyun and Bekiut, Daf Yomi , Gemara for women and more. See our complete schedule of Shiurim.

Whatsapp Announcements Group

You can receive Community messages by subscribing to the whatsapp announcements group
Just add 0544504676 to your Contacts as ‘Mevaser Zion‘, then send a message to that number with your name and we will add you to the list.
This Whatsapp group will not be used for discussions or chat, only official Community notifications, the weekly schedule etc.

Mailing list

We publish a weekly news letter to members. All shul announcements, times of tefillot, shiurim, activities and special programs are updated regularly by Michael Goodman contact Michael at michael.goodman@mail.com. To sign up for the shul’s email list send an email to avituriel@gmail.com Members can also sign up and post on the shul’s Yahoo Group.

Community Events

Our community constantly runs events and activities such as the Worldwide Shabbat Project, hosting overseas Bnei Akiva groups, Shabbat hosting of special needs organizations and more.


Kiddush is an important part of our communal agenda. Served every Shabbat right after Tefilah, it is a wonderful time to socialize and get to know community members, while enjoying tasty food and drink! Kiddush is set up and cleaned by families according to a roster of all community members. Nurit Brand is the coordinator and may be contacted at: brandns@netvision.net.il

Shabbat learning

A long standing tradition in our shul is the Ladies’ learning program after the Kiddush. Each lady has a turn to present a Shiur and discussion on the Parsha of the week. It provides an opportunity to hear Torah from one another in a more social environment, while husbands look after the children at the park. Lisa Sambol coordinates the roster and can be contacted at lisasambol@gmail.com

Divrei Torah in Shul and Leining

Most of the Divrei Torah in Shul are given by the Rabbi. Approximately every third Shabbos, the Dvar torah in Shul is given by a community member. Daniel Amitai coordinates the roster. If you are interested in presenting a dvar torah please contact Daniel at amitydaniel@gmail.com

Since the founding of the community, we have encouraged both the youth and adults to share the Leining. Howard Abrams coordinates the Leining list.  If you are interested in leining,  please contact Howard at howarda@amdocs.com

Children services – “Tot Shabbat and Shabbat Groups”

Every Shabbat there are organized groups for children from ages 1-10. Groups are located in the Shul Hall and run by our Head of the youth activities, Kevin Swaine together with a committed group of volunteer madrichim. Kevin can be contacted at kevswaine@gmail.com.


The Vaad (committee) for chagim organizes events for every Chag. We encourage new and veteran members to participate!  If you are interested in a particular Vaad to plan and organize an event for a specific Chag, contact the Head of the Chagim Vaad Janet Goodvach at jgoodvach@gmail.com


We have a very active Vaad Chessed within our community and the broader Tel Mond community. The committee provides support to various families on weekly basis such as Shabbat meals for the elderly, Challot and Wine for the needy and also arranges food packages for the needy during chagim.

To volunteer for the chessed committee, or contribute Tzdaka, please contact head of the Chesed Vaad Elisa Bash at elisab1@gmail.com

Gemach – soft loan facility

Our Shul manages a Gemach for members who are experiencing financial difficulties and need short term assistance. For assistance please contact the Shul Gemach fund at gemach@mevaser.org.il , all requests are dealt with professionally and in the strictest confidence.

Local Community Meal support

Meals are provided to community members and their families for life cycle events as births, Shivas and hospitalizations. Community members sign up to cook and deliver meals to the families. If you would like to be part of this group or know a community member who could benefit from this Chessed, please contact Lisa Sambol at lisasambol@gmail.com

Use of shul facilities

Members enjoy the use of the Shul and Hall. Rozanne Platzky coordinates booking and costs. She can be contacted at: rozannep500@gmail.com

Be sure to book your Smachot well in advance to ensure availability. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs for members only can be booked up to 2 years in advance.

Become involved

Your family is welcome and encouraged to participate in any of the several “Vaadot” and to get involved and become an active member of the Mevaser Zion Community.

Shul Administration and Vaad Members

Our shul is registered as an official “Amutah” (not-for-profit). Donations are tax deductible under section 46 of the tax code in Israel and through the PEF in the USA.

We are a very active community based shul, with a wonderful active Administration Staff

The Mevaser Zion Takanon can be viewed here.  There are quarterly and annual meetings. Vaad elections are held every two years.

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Tel Mond Community information:

Getting around in Tel Mond

Tel Mond’s neighborhoods are divided by “Themes” such as birds, flowers, mountains and feelings.

The Shul is located in the “Birds” neighborhood because it’s on Rechov HaTzufit (Sunbird).

Knowing where each neighborhood is situated will help you locate addresses.

See map of Tel Mond. You can contact Leora Sheffer (email) who will connect you to a Dizzit App listing information and recommendations from community members of local services such as painters, handy people, cab drivers, pizza shops and more.

Commonly visited locations within Tel Mond:


Bank Hapoalim – Hadekel 42

Bank Leumi – Hadekel 52

Mini Markets and supermarkets

Shufersal  Sheli –  Hadekel 49

Mega Ba’Ir – Hashaked 4

The closest major supermarket, Rami Levi, is 5 minutes away in nearby Kadima.

“Moetza” – Town Hall

Here you register your home, and deal with any municipal matter, including school and gan registration. Misrad Hapnim services are also available.

Address:  Hadekel 52 Tel no: 09-7774102 web site: http://www.tel-mond.muni.il/

Post Office

Mail is delivered to Post boxes that are located in Post Box Structures near your home. To get a post box assigned and key, you need to go to the post office with your rental or purchase contract.

Address:  HaDekel 50.

Kupot cholim

Maccabi – HaShaked 4

Clalit – Metzada 5

There are also kupot doctors located throughout Tel Mond.


The Matnas is the local cultural and events building in Tel Mond. This is where you can register your children for Chugim and attend local events, shows and theater.

Address: Hadekel 30, Tel no:  09-7777602. Web site:  www.tel-mond.org.il


There is one Mikva in Tel Mond. It also has a mikvat Keilim outside the building.

Address:  Hatamar 18. Tel no: 09-7964001